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Pasman island Croatia


Pasman Island

Pasman is the island settled in Zadar archipelago, from city of Zadar and Biograd separated by Pasman channel, after which like a string of pearls are scattered dozens of small islands. The rapid stream that changes its course every 6 hours makes surrounding sea the most purest area of the Croatian Adriatic sea, recognized by its clarity and transparency.

Mediterranean climate present on the island developed rich flora and fauna, many species of medicinal and aromatic plants and the rich underwater world. The main characteristic of the Mediterranean climate is light winters, in opposite with dry and warm summers. Summer and early fall are characterized by worm and stable weather with large amount of sunny days.

The island has been inhabited from the prehistoric period. The constant human presence continued from the ancient times and the earliest mention of the island date back to the early middle ages. Numerous material remains of Roman architecture, preserved stone inscriptions and a considerable amount of coins, confirm the fact that the island was inhabited during the Roman rule of Dalmatia.

The diligent and hardworking locals in recent time developed tourism capacities with numerous highly equipped apartments, rooms, vacation houses, pensions, car-camping, taverns, vine cellars and restaurants. Where you’ll be able to taste and enjoy various seafood and local specialities grown in natural and ecological preserved environment.


The traditional gastronomy of the island of Pasman and all its localities includes the preparation of food specialties that are based on modest way of preparation and consist of various fish dishes and vegetables, seasoned with the high quality locally produced olive oil and local garden spices such as rosemary or bay-leaves, which giving a wonderful taste to these Dalmatian specialties.

Out of the specialties that might gladly be served to you by the locals, we would highlight some them such as: Dalmatian prosciutto (Parma ham) dried in the North-eastern wind, known as ‚Bura‚, which gives it a specific taste, the salty hard cheese from the island of Pag, the ‚pasticada‘ unique Dalmatian specialty, roast lamb grown from local pastures, potato salads… The wealth of all sorts of fresh fish prepared in various ways such as: fish stew ‚brodetto‘, grilled fish, the octopus prepared under a baking lid, hundreds of grilled dishes, crabs, shellfish and other fish food delicacies will keep you coming back to this island.

We invite you to come and surrender yourself to an indulgence in truly homemade food, prepared in the traditional Dalmatian way. The local restaurants and taverns, known as ‚konoba‚, will experience you with the delight of a family atmosphere and the warmth hospitality of locals who will prepare authentic Dalmatian specialties on walk-in.


The island of Pasman with all its localities as tourist destinations offers various sports activities on water and under water, mostly beach canoes, pedal boats, wind surfs, etc. You can row and windsurf in the quiet bays in the vicinity of almost every place around the island.


Everything you want to find out about the sea and the subsea you will have a chance to find out when you take a glimpse at its depths. There you will find undersea caves, and unusually interesting world of the flora and fauna.

Scuba diving has become one of the most popular sports. Nature here has really taken care for this type of sport which will give you all the fascination evident in numerous unexplored bays and undersea depths, truly magnificent and still untouched.

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