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Rijeka international summer carnival


Town Rijeka

Do you love the dynamic life of a unique city and what it offers in terms of entertainment and culture? Or would you prefer beautiful beaches, greenery, tradition, nature, sometimes crowds and sometimes solitude? If you want all of that at once, you have already made your choice – Rijeka, Bakar, Kastav, Klana, Kostrena, Čavle, Jelenje, Viškovo, and Kraljevica. These beautiful Mediterranean locations will become your destination, and the rich and diverse offer a journey into a different, almost surreal, world.
Rijeka and its surrounds are a story written by you, and each day is a mosaic put together from all of those pieces. Which piece or pieces you choose is up to you!

The historical image of the city, from prehistoric and Gothic times to the Baroque Rijeka and the powerful influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, contains layers of centuries and each layer has left its trace in the architecture forming an interesting city core rich in historical monuments.

In the centre of the city, at the ever vibrant Korzo, in the small streets of the old city core, before monuments that are testimonies of centuries past, or in the silence of Trsat, the oldest Croatian Shrine of Our Lady – Rijeka and its surrounding area have lived many lives, worn many faces and shown its many sides.

This expansive social and economic development also increased the number of inhabitants. Today, Rijeka and its surroundings have approximately 200.000 inhabitants. Simultaneously with its industrial development, Rijeka became the centre of western Croatia (Istria, Hrvatsko primorje and Gorski kotar). Since early 1960s new neighbourhoods have been built, and suburban settlements gained momentum.

Briefly, in late 20th century, Rijeka was a developed urban and industrial centre, as well as a centre for numerous developmental initiatives that played an important role in the total development of the Republic of Croatia. It became the centre of the newly founded Rijeka and Senj archdiocese as well as the centre of the metropolis and a university centre.

Rijeka’s calendar is filled with events throughout the entire year so its guests, no matter the time of their arrival, will find numerous interesting and attractive things to do; be it music, theatre, art, etc. Performances for all, as well as urban clubs for the young that offers the entertainment they like it.

Although Rijeka has a rich history, it is not limited by it. Rijeka vibrates with the dynamic rhythm of everyday life. And when in most cities the lights go down and silence settles in, Rijeka keeps on with its intense life in its coffee bars and restaurants with a superb gastronomic offer as well as clubs where the fun for the young lasts until the small hours of the morning.

Source: Rijeka Tourist Board

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