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The Village Tuhelj is located at the foot of the Cesargradska mountain, in the centre of Hrvatsko Zagorje region, some 40 km from Zagreb. It is named from the old Slavic word „tuhl“ that means hollow, moist location. Tuhelj has been first mentioned at the end of the 14th century and the first written document dates back to 1402. Throughout its past, Tuhelj was a prominent historical, ecclesiastical, political and cultural centre. It is therefore not surprising that was built at this location the parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a category I cultural monument, far-famed for its magnificence and cultural and historical significance. Today it is a true beauty among the traditional Tuhelj houses in the mesmerising Zagorje surroundings.

Thermal Springs Tuhelj

The Tuhelj Thermal Springs have been well known since the Roman times; the people called them „the stinky springs“ (due to the strong smell of hydrogen sulphide) or „the poor man’s springs„. The springs were owned by Josip Brigljević, the brother-in-law of Antun Mihanović who would often stay with his relative in the castle. The water temperature at the source is 33°C. The beneficial effects of thermal waters and medical mud, combined with the moderate continental climate, make the Tuhelj Thermae a very desirable destination. The Water Planet offers relaxation and fun on the beach and the surrounding facilities spread over 15000 m2 and additional 5000 m2 of water area with a variety of water effects and recreational facilities.

Bicycle Route

About thirty kilometres of the picturesque bicycle route provides a pleasant ride along the area that connects two thermal springs of health and recreation – The Krapina Thermal Springs and The Tuhelj Thermal Springs.
Meadows, plow fields and vineyards stretch along both sides of the track. Besides its charming natural beauty, the track abounds in numerous traditional roadside crucifixes, churches and chapels.
The two thermal springs are the foundation of this track, and the proximity of museums, galleries, castles, birth houses of two past presidents and numerous religious structures are all the reason more to choose this route.

Mihanovic castle

The Mihanović castle was built in the 18th century by the counts Erdödy, but it ended up as a security fortification during the ownership of governor Josip Brigljević, the husband of the sister of the well known poet Antun Mihanović. The poet, who is the author of anthem „Lijepa naša domovina“ often stayed at the castle, which is why it was named after him. The castle was reconstructed and restored in 1983, and today it is a well known hospitality establishment for various festive occasions – from business conferences to fantasy weddings.

Adrenalin park

The adrenaline park is intended for various groups, families, team-building programmes, students, athletes, individuals, anyone who wants to feel the release of their adrenaline. In this park, visitors have a chance to overcome various obstacles at the elevation of 8m – high level elements, as well as on the ground – low level elements, with the expert guidance of a qualified instructor. This is a place where you can push the limits of your abilities, build confidence among individuals, liberate yourself from fear of heights…The park is suitable for all age groups and visitors are provided safety equipment and the guidance of an instructor throughout the entire programme…

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