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Posted by CroaticaInfo on 05/03/2016
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Town Nasice Croatia


Town Našice

The favourable geographic location of the city and the abundance of natural resources were recognized long ago by the Templars. In the 12th century, they built the city’s prominent landmark, the church of St. Martin. A hundred years later the Franciscans arrived to this area.

In the early 18th century, Našice greeted the noble Pejačević family. The fact that two members of the noble family, count Ladislav and count Teodor Pejačević, earned the title of ban (viceroy) says a lot about their great reputation. They built two beautiful castles, a mausoleum, a big park and fishponds near the city… However, alongside the material values, their great legacies to us are also the spiritual values.

Dora Pejačević, the first modern Croatian female composer. Izidor Kršnjavi, an important figure for the Croatian education, culture and arts, was also born in Našice in 1845. Our city has always been a prominent centre of culture, economy, crafts, trade, education, health care, sport, administration and transportation.

The city is renowned for the natural resources which abound in the Našice area – forests, mineral resources of stone, clay and marl, abundance of fresh, drinkable water, fertile fields, pastures, orchards and vineyards, clean air and beautiful views. All of this shaped the spirits of hard working, friendly people who lived here in the past and who live here today, people of rich and open spirit.

The first mention of Našice in historical documents dates to 1229. Its secular masters were noblemen from families Aba, Lacković, Korvin, Gorjanski and Ujlaky. Several religious orders left their mark here during the Middle Ages (Templars, Franciscans, Iohannites and the Order of Saint Claire). In the 16th and 17th century Našice was under Turkish rule.

The sights to see in Našice are the Franciscan monastery with the church of St. Anthony of Padua, the scientifically significant monastery library with 10 incunabula, the Pejačević Castle from 1812 which was expanded during the middle of the 19th century, the castle of the count Marko Pejačević from 1907, and the Pejačević family mausoleum from 1881 (architect Herman Bolle), next to which we find the grave of Dora Pejačević (1885 – 1923), the first Croatian female modern composer. A musical prodigy from young age, D. Pejačević completed her education in Dresden and Munich (violin and piano). To this day, her music is performed throughout our country as well as worldwide.

Castle Pejačević used to be the home of two Croatian governors (Ladislav and Teodor Pejačević), and today this is the Regional museum Našice with a Grand Salon for temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection dedicated to important figures from the area and its cultural, historical and scientific exhibits. The castle is surrounded by a protected historical park with many native and exotic trees and shrubs. An artificial lake was added in the middle of the 19th century, and from the north it borders with the Našica River.

Tourism in town developed early, due to its geographical position and beauty of the area, in which the typical Slavonian plain merges with the slopes of Krndija hills, all of which contributed to the development of fishing and hunting tourism.

Sights must to visit, a fish-pond 10 km from the town centre, in Našička Breznica, created by the family Pejačević in 1905. It is a realm of sedge, reed, and other aquatic plants, as well as home to many birds: ducks, grebes, cormorants… Catching a 20 kg catfish or 10 kg carps is nothing out of the ordinary here!

The imagination of many visitors will be awoken by a visit to the Martin settlement, located 3 kilometres from the centre of Našice. Crusaders stayed here in the 13th century, leaving behind the church of St. Martin, the only fully preserved Templar church in Croatia.

For a special experience, visit the Bizik family private zoo, which is home to a large number of exotic and domestic animals. We recommend a weekend stay, a business meeting or a school trip. If you decide to come for a weekend, or if business brings you to this beautiful town you can spend a part of your time enjoying the sports facilities.

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